Checklist: Spring Cleaning A Beach House

If you own a seasonal beach house, the end of winter means more than just coming out of hibernation. The closer you get to spring, the more you can envision yourself sitting in a RIO beach chair listening to the ocean gently wash against the shore. If just this image is enough to make you feel more relaxed, you are not alone. But if you own a beach house, you also know that it takes a significant amount of work to get the house in shape at the start of each season.

And so, spring cleaning ensues! While it might seem like a daunting task, there’s really no avoiding it. To make the process run a little more smoothly this year, follow this helpful checklist for getting organized and clean.

Take Inventory

After a long winter without use, there could be a whole host of issues waiting for you at your beach house. Start your spring cleaning by doing a walk-through of the entire house. Make a note about anything that feels damp, smells musty or looks stained. These may be signs of bigger problems, but as long as you are not standing in a foot of water because a pipe burst in your basement, figuring out potential solutions to these issues can wait. If you allow yourself to get sidetracked and stressed immediately, you’ll lose precious time in getting everything else done.

Start Big

Once you have a better idea about everything that needs to be done, tackle the bigger projects first. Including:

  • Push furniture to the side and power wash the deck, or sweep away old leaves and debris left over from the winter.
  • Take all the outdoor covers off outdoor furniture and let anything that might still be wet dry off.
  • Remove plastic or furniture coverings from everything inside the house.
  • Unload anything that was put in storage in the house, garage or shed for the winter.
  • Fill the pool and/or hot tub.
  • Turn on the pool and/or hot tub to make sure the heater is working properly.

Get Focused

Once all the furniture is uncovered and everything is out of storage, you can start to focus on the smaller details. Even if the furniture seems to be in good shape, it will still need a good cleaning and/or dusting. This includes:

  • Clean the shed or garage with a broom and dustpan and place all the furniture covers back into storage for the summer season.
  • Sweep and vacuum the house (yes, every room!).
  • Wash the windows and glass doors.
  • Open the windows to let fresh air into the house.
  • Re-install outdoor speakers, if you have them.
  • Clean the grill and check the gas tank.
  • Wash the linens and towels, then make the beds and place towels in bathroom or linen closet.
  • Clean and condition any teak furniture.
  • Take note of any wear and tear on furniture and decide whether or not to replace deck or patio furniture. Should you decide to purchase new outdoor furniture for the summer, check out the patio sets RIO has to offer.

Looking Forward

Once you’ve scrubbed the house and put everything back in order, return to that list you put together at the beginning of your spring cleaning process. If you think home repairs need to be made before the summer, have them taken care of sooner rather than later to avoid any additional damage to the house.

Then put together a list of any home items that need to be purchased before you return to the house, such as paper towels, soap, shampoo and toilet paper. Creating the list while still in the house will reduce forgetfulness and save you a trip to the store.

Once you’re all done, toast your hard work with a cold glass of white wine or a long nap! You definitely deserve it.

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    This was a great article and makes me feel a lot more comfortable about the huge cleaning task I have ahead of me this year.


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