Get Crafty for Easter

Aside from Christmas, which offers the promise of an abundance of presents, Easter is a wonderful holiday for children. Coinciding with the beginning of Spring, Easter helps to wake us up from the deep freeze of winter with it’s vibrant pastels and cute little bunny mascot.

And you don’t have to be religious to indulge in some fun Spring-themed arts and crafts projects. These DIY crafts are good for all ages too; whether you want to tye-die some eggs over a glass of wine with some girlfriends or make some sock bunnies with your kids, all you need is some free time and a creative spirit!

Easter Egg Mason Jars

Mason jars can be incredibly versatile, serving you when you need an airtight way to store homemade tomato sauce or when you need an extra vase for flowers. Mason Jar Crafts Love is a blog dedicated to all the crafty ways you can repurpose your mason jars, and their recommendation for how to “Easterize” yours will not disappoint. All you’ll need is a mason jar (or 5), paint and some tape. Once you’ve created your masterpiece you can use your fancy new mason jar in a variety of ways to decorate for Easter.

If you are having trouble picking out your paint colors for your mason jar, try the bright palette from “Way to Glow,” one of the top color trends for 2016.

Scrap Fabric Eggs

Not quite sure what to do with old t-shirts and sheets that you just can’t seem to get rid of? Upcycle them into a cute craft project! Artist Alisa Burke brings a creative spin on decorating Easter eggs. For the best (and most long-lasting) results, use a plastic egg, your favorite pieces of old fabric, glue, and sequins or glitter for an added layer of glitz. The end results may surprise you!

Deviled Egg Chicks

This is our favorite type of craft–the kind you can eat! A cute play on a classic appetizer, these deviled eggs are not only delicious, they are also decorative. This is also a great project for kids, who can serve as your sous chef in the kitchen and mash up the yolks while you cut the egg whites and olives. You can also get creative with the ingredients and spice it up by adding cumin, paprika or red pepper flakes to the yolk mixture.

Super Cute Sock Bunnies

It’s amazing how socks just seem to magically disappear in your dryer, isn’t it? Instead of lamenting the loss of a good sock, use the sad solo socks to create some super cute sock bunnies with your kids. DIY blog Creative Cookie came up with this brilliant arts and crafts project using socks, scrap felt, uncooked rice, pom-poms, rubber bands, ribbon and glue.

To keep your sock bunnies on trend, use varied shades of red, white, and blue to incorporate “True Colors” into your craft.

Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets

A great project for little ones, pipe cleaner finger puppets are fun to make and then fun to play with afterwards. These cute little bunnies can be made with pipe cleaners, pom-poms or cotton balls, googly eyes and a hot glue gun. Kids craft blog, Woo! Jr. Kids Activities, will also teach you how to create friends for your Easter bunny finger puppet, such as a chick, a blue bird and a kitten.

Rainbow Peeps Wreath

Nothing screams “Easter” more than seeing Peeps appear at your local drugstore. If you find yourself overstocking your pantry shelves with the marshmallowy treat, you can use them to make a beautiful Easter wreath! Aside from the assortment of Peeps, you’ll need a styrofoam wreath, toothpicks and ribbons for this project, which is a very sweet way to celebrate the coming of Spring.

Buttoned Up Artwork

Do you have a drawer full of extra buttons you never use? Stop saving them for a button-emergency and start using them as artwork! This DIY Easter egg button craft uses the foundation of collage to upcycle old buttons into new artwork. While the example shows you how to make a colorful Easter egg out of old buttons, hot glue and a toothbrush, if you are feeling really creative you can make anything you want, from flowers to a bunny to a rainbow–the sky’s the limit!

For inspiration for your button art color scheme, consider the “Pool Party” colors, which are trending for 2016. You can use varied shades of green and blue spray paint to change up your button selection.

For more fun DIY projects to do at home with your kids, visit our Pinterest board.

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