Healthy Summer Snacks that Are Sure to Please

Although summertime is, in theory, reserved for vacations, family time, and outside fun, it can take a lot of work to keep things relaxed. For those of us trying to juggle summer camp schedules, backyard BBQs, and work schedules, it’s important to have an arsenal of healthy and easy snack recipes on hand to keep the family fueled and energized for everything the season has to offer.

Picnic Potlucks and Cookouts are one of the best parts of summer, but it can become challenging to balance out some of the standard less-than-nutritious fare usually served. So why not take a new spin on an old classic? These hummus-filled deviled eggs are sure to please and help cut out a lot of the calories so you won’t feel guilty going back for seconds (or thirds…).

And want a better option than the usual potato chips to serve up next to your burgers? Try these incredibly delicious and incredibly easy zucchini chips. Your only regret with these is that you didn’t make more!

Looking for some sweet treats that won’t cause sugar overload? Check out all the amazing ways you can use quinoa to make after-dinner treats that people will want more of, and since it’s naturally gluten free, it’s a great alternative to wheat-based ingredients! If ice cream is your usual go-to, check out this fun and healthier option–freezing yogurt in a waffle cone and sprinkling it with fun toppings. Or make your own 1-ingredient “banana whip” and be amazed that frozen fruit could be this delicious. Have fun with the family by setting up various toppings, such as fruit, shredded coconut, granola, and dark chocolate chips, and having your own at-home FroYo experience.

Looking for more Pinsperation? Check out our Pinterest Board chocked full of other healthy snacks, dessert options, and delectable treats.

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