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RIO Brands Holiday Gift Guide

The beach can be a truly magical place. And for those who spend their winters counting down the days until the opening of beach season, the holidays move them one step closer to getting back to the beach. But what if the beach could come to you this holiday season? With the right gifts, now it can.

We’ve hand-picked this gift guide for beach lovers to help you bring them joy for the holidays, along with the gentle reminder that beach season is right around the corner.

The Beach Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide

The Original Backpack Chair

Topping the list of must-have gifts for beach goers is The Original Backpack Chair, which allows you to go hands-free on your walk to the beach. This is the ideal beach chair for those who have children or grandchildren with them at the beach, as it allows them to tote their beach chair while also freeing them up to hold tiny hands. In addition to being an excellent accessory for a beach day, this steel-framed chair can also be used on family camping trips, sporting events, or anywhere else that life my take you.

The Stadium Seat Arm Chair

Another great gift item to get for the beach lover in your life is The Stadium Seat Arm Chair. While it may not seem like a beach-y gift, it’s actually the most accessible beach chair you’ll ever own. With its small size and portability, you can keep this canvas stadium chair with a padded seat in the trunk of your car to make sure that you are always ready to chill should a spontaneous day at the beach present itself to you! This foldable, lightweight chair also comes equipped with a cup holder, storage pockets and a convenient shoulder strap. And with the ability to add comfort to any hard surface, The Stadium Seat Arm Chair can be just as convenient for people-watching on a beach bench as it can on the bleachers of your kid’s sporting events.

The “Entertainer” Rolling Party Cooler

Whether you love to entertain on your deck or patio at your beach house, or (gasp!) poolside at home, having a good bar set up is an essential component to throwing a successful party.  With a super-sized capacity of 100 cans, The “Entertainer” Rolling Party Cooler will get the job done, whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a big blow out. As an added bonus, the cooler separates from its base, making it easy to take with you to the beach, a picnic, a campsite, or anywhere in between.

Deluxe Wonder Wheeler

Anyone who has children is familiar with the struggle of being completely overwhelmed with stuff at any given time. A quick day trip to the beach can quickly become a nightmare when you realize that you have to walk a mile from your car to the ocean while also carrying a load of towels, toys, snacks, sunscreen and children. Luckily, the Deluxe Wonder Wheeler Wide solves that problem, making it the ideal gift for beach lovers who are bogged down by stuff.

The Beach Is Calling For You This Holiday

While a white Christmas may seem ideal to some, the dream of white beaches are what others really dream of. Thankfully, this holiday season, you can please the beach lover in your life by giving them the perfect gift–and helping them bide their time before returning to their cherished ocean spot.

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