Summer Trends

Rio Summer Trends

Now that we’re finally able to shake off the last chill of winter, it’s time to emerge from home and soak up the long-awaited sun! While you were busy dreaming of summer, the Fashion Powers That Be were putting together the best color trends and looks for the 2015 season. Below is a sample of some of the latest styles to look out for in the summer months. Plus, check out our Pinterest Boards, then let us know how you’ll be putting your own personal spin on these hot looks!

Coral Reef
Coral Reef is too fun to be left alone. Bring it out of the beachwear section and wear it as a dress or jacket on a special night out. Harping on it’s unexpected hues, you’ll be pleased to create a fresh inviting look with coral at the core. The color just pops with every skin tone and is a perfect summertime surprise. Add a new twist to your wardrobe by pairing it with turquoise, teal, or purple. Last of all consider a coral-colored blush. It will surely freshen up your beauty regime.

Summer Blues
There’s nothing to be depressed about with these iridescent summer blues. With brilliant beachy skyline blues hovering over stunning ocean turquoise, the scenic inspirations will add a fresh look to any living space and outfit too.

This season, make your soiree stand out by incorporating bursts of blue throughout your decor. A local vintage-store-stroll could turn up a sea-glass tinted pitcher, perfect to give any room a summer lift. Maybe you’ll also find the perfect item to frame those day trip memories. Sand washed denim relieves everyone’s wardrobe blues. From dresses and shorts to overalls and jumpers (and yes, even bathing suits!)–you can outfit your whole family in this rugged material to make sure they’re well-covered for all kinds of seasonal play!

Very Berry
Perhaps the best way to celebrate the berry trend is by making this delicious fruit the centerpiece of your summer menu. These colors are ripe for attention and make for a good look on and off the beach. Think it’s fun to add blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries to your summer salad? Then indulge in one of the most delicious trends this summer by sweetening your days with a berry-inspired palette of bright reds, subtle whites and deeply divine purples. Can’t make it to be beach to optimize tanning time? Fake the look with a Kabuki brush and some powdered bronzer to give your face a natural, all-over glow. Lightly apply powder all over your face during the first go-round, then apply a second layer to the places that would naturally get the most sun–your cheekbones, nose, temples, and chin. Perfect the look with a beautiful berry-colored lip gloss.

Green Envy
From garden fresh to crowd favorites, these best color trends would be nothing without the boldness of a true summer’s green. Embrace the natural beauty around you by using lounging lawn favorites as a summer style guide. As the summer thrusts into full bloom you’ll be able to find deep pleasure in a variety of various shades of green. Each is perfect to decorate your space, creating a holistically zen living environment that brings peace to your everyday.

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