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Tips for the Perfect Beach Day by Melissa Angert

Living here on the coast of New England, we’ve quickly become masters of the Beach Day. We have a great beach about two miles from our house on the bay, but if we want the waves, we have to drive down to Newport and make a day of it! After a few false starts (“What do you mean you forgot your bathing suit??”), we now have the perfect system down to making the most of our all-day beach days.

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Pack and Plan: We always pack the cooler with lots of refreshing snacks and lunch. No heavy food here – tons of fresh fruit and veggies, sandwiches, and loads of water. The day before, we buy a gallon jug of water and freeze it overnight, so we have nice, cold water to drink throughout the day as it defrosts.

Get comfy: We have a few water-repellent nylon sheets that you can stake into the ground. But a few king-sized sheets work just as well! We lay our towels on top of these to keep them sand-free.

Chairs are essential: We always bring at least two, plus an umbrella for some shade.

Get clean: Always pack hand sanitizer – some of the best beaches have only porta-potties! Baby wipes – yes, even if you don’t have a baby. They’re perfect for wiping gobs of sunscreen (or perhaps ice cream) off your hands.  Baby powder is THE BEST way to remove sand! Sprinkle on your feet or hands and the sand will brush right off.

Sunscreen: Nothing ruins a beach day like a sunburn! Make sure you are reapplying every two hours – sooner if you’re swimming or sweating a bunch.

Bring games: Frisbee, football, sand toys, and even some books! Swimming all day is super tiring and your troops will be pooped before lunchtime! Rotate your activities in and out of the water! After lunch, we always have a little break with some reading time to rest and recuperate. (Sometimes they even fall asleep in the shade for a bit!)

Bring a Wonder Wheeler: About our second trip of wrestling everything from our car to the beach, we realized there was a reason EVERYONE HAS ONE! It is THE BEST BEACH ACCESSORY EVER!

Melissa A - Wonder Wheeler

We can fit everything that the five of us need for the day – from our towels and chairs, to our little cooler! The Wonder Wheeler is an absolute lifesaver.  The wide wheels can handle even the softest sand and with everything from an umbrella holder to having a removable tote with shoulder strap, you will have a place for everything! We even bring it on vacation and camping – it’s so convenient!

Let us know in the comments your tips for the perfect beach day.

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