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Transitioning Back to School

Back-to-School can evoke mixed feelings for many parents. They experience relief to have their children back in a regular routine and anxiety about transitioning back into that routine. The beginning of September marks more than just the return to school, it also marks a return to extracurricular activities.

The transition doesn’t have to be chaotic, however. Here are some life hacks to help keep you sane during this time of year:

Make A Calendar

Organized parents are happy parents! Whether you need to build a physical calendar that you hang in the kitchen where everyone can see it, or go digital with a shared Google calendar, organizing activities and appointments will help to limit the chaos. When everyone in the house is on the same page about the schedule, it cuts down on a lot of unnecessary stress.

Stay Hands-Free

As you are shuttling your children between school and after-school activities, an easy to carry backpack can be more comfortable for distributing the weight of all the items you carry around with you as a parent. A backpack also helps to keep your hands free to carry things your child has left behind as they run out of the car, such as water bottles and juice boxes. If you already have a good bag that you tote around with you, then you can also consider repurposing your RIO Backpack Chair that you use for the beach. The easy to carry backpack chair, which is patented and made only by RIO, or any of the RIO Stadium Seats are ideal chairs to bring along to soccer games and football games during the school year.

Backpack Chair and Stadium Chair

Prep Breakfast Ahead of Time

Limit the stress of the morning routine by preparing a healthy breakfast in advance. These healthy and nutritious Broccoli and Cheese Mini Egg Omelets from SkinnyTaste only take twenty minutes to make and can be easily reheated in the mornings. Or try these no-cook Easy Chia Blueberry Overnight Oats from Jar of Lemons, which are vegan, gluten-free and filled with plenty of fiber. After all, a good breakfast can help provide your kiddos with the energy they need to make it through a busy morning.

Stop Schlepping

When it’s your turn to be the parent in charge of snacks at your child’s soccer game, stop carrying a hefty load of bags that can hurt your shoulders and back. Instead, utilize one of the RIO Wonder Wheeler Carts. Although they were designed for lugging beach equipment and toys to and from the beach, each Wonder Wheeler product serves double duty during the school year by allowing you to easily transport sports equipment, snacks and sunscreen in an ergonomic way.

Get Outfits Organized The Night Before

Cut down on all the last minute scrambling in the mornings by laying out school clothes the night before. This will help ensure that no one is slowed down by indecision during the morning routine. The same goes for any extra outfits that are needed for extracurricular activities–pack up all sports equipment and changes of clothes the night before so that the main focus every morning is on getting out the door instead of on finding misplaced items.


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